Awakened Voices Magazine

Awakened Voices Literary Magazine is written by and for survivors of sexual abuse.

“Kimberly Vargas Agnese focuses her storytelling lens on individuals in daily life. She shows readers societal responsibility and care through deftly threaded images of the sky, animals, and food. Her writing in Awakened Voices and beyond embodies Awakenings’ mission to make visible the creative expression of survivors of sexual violence. She transforms small, everyday experiences such as ordering tacos or finding a receipt into landscapes of survival.”

Jeri Frederickson
Creative Director, Awakenings and Awakened Voices 

Issue 6: A Day in the Life of a Survivor

Published Poem: “Tacos”

Issue 9: Erasure

“Receipts from My Car” (pg. 4) is a blackout poem about healing.

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